Monday, August 24, 2009


I know that I am ONLY 3 wks (did I say 3 weeks?!?) Yes 3 weeks tomorrow! late posting this but 8-4-09 was a day that changed my life forever!

We finally welcomed our little boy Fearing Thomas Mosley into the world on August 4,2009 at 5:12pm. I was 40 weeks (YEP! for those who know me best I was convinced or hopeful that he would arrive sooner!!) But the Lord had a different plan. I was brought in to be induced at 6 am on that Tuesday morning. After nine hours it was decided that Fearing was NOT coming the way we had intended and that I would need a c-section. I was mentally prepared for it because I knew that I would finally get to see our boy in 45 minutes. The end was in-sight!! There are alot more details that I could go into but I thought I would instead just post some pictures!! Hopefully I will have a chance to go into great detail and document at a later time!

The biggest suprise was his size!! My doctor made a guess on Monday that he was probably about 7lbs 6 oz. He really did not think he was any bigger than that. SO you could imagine when Dr. Johnson pulled him out and said that is a big head...we might have an 8 pounder.... then the nurse weighed him on the scale and Dr. Johnson yelled out 8lbs 10 ounces!!! I was in shock and a tad bit out of it and I looked at Beau and said "what did he say?" Beau confirmed yep he said 8lbs 10oz 21 inches long! Needless to say Dr. Johnson was a little off and he said that he was not afraid to admit it when he goofed! We have ALL laughed about this and how well Fearing hid in my belly! Overall it was a really long day but I had a great doctor and fabulous nurse (more on that later!) and really great support from Beau and our family. I will NEVER forget hearing Fearing cry for the first time. I started crying hysterically and I don't think I stopped crying for at least an hour. It was pure bliss. Beau and I are SO blessed and we Thank the Lord everyday for choosing us to be Fearing's parents. OUR CUP RUNNETH OVER!!

This was obviously pretty early on in the day! Beau said he felt like it was Christmas EVE!! So sweet!

Brand New Boy!

My first time to see him! I was in such Awe!

Our First Family picture! That is one loved little boy!!

Mommy's first time to hold sweet Fearing!

One proud daddy!!

Our Family!