Thursday, December 18, 2008


one day I will blog again. I have not given up....I have just been a little out of whack. Hopefully I will get back into a routine soon... Until then.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I feel like.....

THIS!! I will hopefully feel up to par COME MONDAY. Between the office move and the drive and the unpacking and the... well the list goes on. I hope you all have a beautiful, enjoyable, stuff your face kind of Thanksgiving!! I know we will.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The LEG Lamp!

In honor of my wonderful husband and my MIL who gave me my very own mini leg lamp to display in our home... I added the infamous LEG LAMP widget.


Considering that I have posted more than 3 posts on Christmas and my overflowing excitement....I decided to give the blog a new look for the Christmas season!!! We are officially on the countdown at the Mosley house. Actually, I noticed on Sunday that the Family Channel is on the Countdown to the Countdown to 25 days until Christmas. WooHoo!!! I will admit I am half way finished with our gift shopping...except for B. This will be our 6th Christmas together.... our first as Mr. and Mrs. Beau Mosley! Hard to believe in a few weeks we will be married for 6 months. We love it more than either ever expected!!!
In the meantime, We relocated our office on Thursday and Friday so I will be a little out of pocket most likely for the next couple of days until I get my self organized and situated in a new location. So no music post for me today. Hopefully tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Dishes

I have fond memories from throughout my childhood of going with my Nanny to take my Big Nanny(my great grandmother) to ceramics. I don't remember how often she went but I do remember it being quite a bit. She would often give ceramics as gifts for various occasions. So last Christmas when I finally had my own home,even though it was in the middle of renovation, my Nanny went through many of her Christmas items and gave some very special things to me for our house. This year will be the first year that we will be in our house on Christmas and I can hardly wait to decorate...obviously. Also, last year my sweet Nanny and Grandaddy went to a ceramics shop and bought me my very own Nativity set. This is a BIG deal in our family. As both my mom and Nanny have very elaborate Ceramic Nativity sets. So you can only image how excited I am to have my very own. Now these are not your average Nativity scene. These are gorgeous!! My Nanny spent countless hours painting them, having them "fired" repainting them, putting the "magic bondale" on them (this looks like real clothing!!) So right now my set is just the green ware (white) so I have alot of work to do to get them ready. First I will have to paint them with a brown color all over, then I will have to have them fired then I will paint the colors on them and have them re-fired and then I will have to put the special touches on them. This obviously will NOT be finished before this Christmas, but I am hoping to work on this for many Christmases to come. So although my Nativity scene will NOT be finished, I will have some new Christmas dishes... My mom and I have been working on some beautiful cups and dessert plates that will adorn my table this year. So I thought I would share the "before" with you. I have 3 plates left to paint and then I will take them back to the ceramics shop where they will be "fired" then I will glaze them with the clear shiny coat and have them re-fired and then I will have my very own personalized Christmas dishes.

** these now have polka dots too!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

'Good Things'

Today as I made my daily round of website visits I happened upon a NEW find!! Thank You Martha(Stewart that is, not to be confused with my MIL) for introducing us!! B and I have several peeps that are difficult to buy for Christmas... so I have been looking for something that is not typical to suprise them with...ALTHOUGH, I will admit unless my stupid stimulus check finally makes its way to me they will probably not be receiving any of these gifties since they could be a little out of the newlywed budget... but I thought I might share just in case someone was looking to get me a little something EXTRA unique...hahahaha or just want to look at a few things I found very interesting.

How many of you out there like to take an occasional Naner with you in the morning?? Well I sometimes do, yet I slip it into the bag (better known as the black hole) where it can be quite unrecognizable by the time my craving hits.. SO though the site of it looks a little questionable and weird this is very ingenious... don't you think??

So I have a soft spot for "tea pots" or kettles... this comes from my mom. She loves them too. I recently took up with my adorable Martha Stewart blue kettle that a very good friend gave to me as a wedding gift. I LOVE using it. It is so quick to boil water and I am loving me some 'cider' these days... so I thought this was super cute. If I had $100 I would buy this one for the mom for Christmas.

OK- so one of my bff gave me the CUTEST chalkboard glasses at our Tool and Gadget party. So I have kind of become obsessed. Yes I was the child who got in trouble for writing on the board at school. It is SO much fun. I would love love love to have these....Although I am not going to lie, I think I will try my craftiness out and make some....SOON.

SO I love my choping boards. BUT I would love to have these... the bright colors combined with the stainless would match the kitchen PERFECT. Plus they are super creative. I get kind of weird about cutting fruit on the same board I cut meats on- even though I de-contaminate.

So while we are on Chopping boards I love the ones I have because they have cool handles and it is easy to take it straight to the stove BUT sometimes it is hard to get everything off the board into the pot or skillet...BUT this would be awesome and maybe a little more helpful! THEY Fold!!

Just thought these were kind of funny...

This is cool. I wonder if it is as easy as it looks?

OK- For what ever reason this reminds me of our friends "the Bozichs" It is very modern and simple but very COOL. SO if you read Alisa and I had $110 I would get this for you and T for Christmas! Basically these bowls balance themselves when you fill them with snacks etc. Cool huh?

So if you have the bowls you need these too. Supposedly they will rock back and forth but NEVER fall over...

So if you want to check it out yourself go to

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas is Coming!!

I mentioned in my previous post that I am so excited about CHRISTMAS!! I have always loved Christmas, but this year there is something different... I feel like a child waiting on Santa Claus!! It all started on Saturday November 1st when I realized that a local radio station has started their annual NON-STOP Christmas music!! WooHoo! So B has been so sweet letting me listen to it non stop if we are in the car. ( I think he secretly likes it too). Beau and I have been mapping out our christmas gift giving strategies too. We both have such a large family that we are learning to be very creative... but we are both really excited! I thought I would share a few pictures of some christmas pretties that I love and most likely will be on display in the Mosley home for the holidays!!

Last year we had our little "donated" tree that we had up at the house last Christmas. Granted, neither of us were living in the house and we would only plug it in when we were down working on the weekends. But it is still special. We are going to be using this in the guest room this year. Obviously we will be setting it on some type of table since it is a little vertically challenged. Also, I think we are going to be "flocking" it (shh... B doesn't know yet!) I found this cool kit online I am going to have to order....

I think our little tree would be beautiful in the blue room with the "flocked" look going on with sand dollars and star fish hanging as the ornaments with soft blue or white lights ( I can't decide!).
NOW, In the living room I think that I would like a very traditional tree- I can't decide on the colors yet... maybe the reds and golds but maybe greens and blues and yellows..hmm... I will have to keep working on this one!!
I do know that our comfy room (our den) will be featuring another "palm" (we have the coolest palm tree lamp that B gave me for the 25th..remember?!)And last year after Christmas I ordered this...

We are planning on having it in the den with our gifts to each other! It is really cute and of course I went overboard with ALL of the ornament to go on it as well.
Now for the outside... We are going to be using the garland/white light mix again that I worked so hard on last year. Although we are going to have different 'bows' adorning the handrails and mailbox. Also I will make a new wreath for the front door. I haven't decided on what it will look like exactly but I found a few ideas that I really like. I love love love using the bright red with the lime green!! SO cute. I thought this was a really cute wreath-

Maybe with a bright bow!
Also, B and I have decided we will definitely be doing this, or a rendition of it anyway!!
The wreath part- we will use simple grapevine wreaths and hang them with the same ribbon that we use on the handrails and mailbox. Oh- and spot lights on the house.... this is a must for us this year!!! Ok- next post will be on our favorite Christmas music... some we have...some we want... stay tuned. ~whitney

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My latest...

Beau has been sick since last week....actually I felt bad starting last Sunday- but I began self-medicating with Alka-Seltzer...and it seemed to do the trick for me but not so much for Beau. So I sent him straight to the Dr. on Friday- TB cough and all. Two shots and minor run in with a not so nice nurse later- he was back to work for a few hours and then ready for a pretty lousy weekend. I can't remember the last time Beau was sick. He just doesn't get sick that often. But I felt so bad for him ALL weekend. Saturday we went to the lake to visit with his parents and grandparents for a few hours and watch our poor little Tigers get killed....AGAIN. Then I was off to Birmingham to emcee the Miss Clay-Chalkville pageant. Leaving my sick one at home to fin for himself for a while. I felt so guilty leaving him there- he was really sick with a fever and all. But he mananged. Sunday I went to church... by myself and when I got home Beau was ready to go. He refused to sit at home all day so we went to BAM and picked up a few Christmas presents and a new Jimmy Buffett CD for ourselves and then to BB and Beyond to return a duplicate wedding gift and then to brunch at O'Charlies. Then we made our way to Bust Buy to check up on our latest want... a new tv for our bedroom. After a little while we finally made our way back to the house where B ended up on the couch for the remainder of the night. Monday came quickly especially for Beau who was still feeling pretty lousy but after watching our favorite Monday night shows I think he perked up just a little. Finally this morning there was light at the end of the tunnell!! He seems to be on the road to recovery. PRAISE THE LORD! So that has been our latest... Today is busy for us, like most of you I am sure. We have work, vote, Election watch party with the Republican Committee and then we are staying with my parents so we don't have to make the trek home.
On a side note I wanted to just say how pumped I was when I turned on 96.5 yesterday and realized that the CHRISTMAS music has begun!! Thats right. From now until Christmas they are playing it ALL 24/7. B even sacrificed Finebaum on the drive home for me to listen to my FAVORITE!!! I feel like I am seven years old- I really can't remember being so Pumped about something, but I am so excited about the Christmas season. In light of that I decided to post a second post to share a few ideas of what our decor is going to be looking like at the Mosley house in less than one month!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Super Cute!

Not a big fan of these in 'real life' but I do love this and wouldn't mind this little cutie perching on my porch!!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Remember This??

If you love Kate Hudson and you daily read "People" online then most likely you remember this particular pic of our favorite Goldie spawn. I love,love,love these gray boots that she so perfectly modeled. Unfortunately, I do not live nor do I have immediate access to Kate's movie star income....therefore once again I was shot down on the gray boots! That is until my beautiful middle sis comes out of the bedroom at my parents with these on........

WOO HOO!!!!!

As you can imagine my little heart lept for joy when she told me the good news that they were from our fav...TARGET!! or TARJAY as we like to say. So for a mere 34.95 you too can have these adorable boots. So they are not just like ol' Kate's but...I have tested them for 2 days now...and they are practical and super cute!!!

And if the shoe it in every COLOR!!! (since I wear a 5 but pulled off a 5.5 in these beauties, I followed my own advice and ordered them online in dark brown too!!)



Friday, October 24, 2008

If I had a $100....

I would buy these.....

I am hoping to get them soon. They are Chaco...waterproof...really cute and I bet they would super comfortable and warm on this rainy cold day!!

I DID IT!!!!

After deciding I was totally incompetent to have a blog considering the trouble I have already gone through for thing!!! I finally did it!! My friend Erin kept telling me to go to this AWESOME website called "the cutest blog on the block" and I would and I found several backgrounds I LOVED!! the problem came in with the set up of my blog. I have been feeling so lousy about it! Mainly because if you go to the cbotb site it gives you STEP BY STEP BY STEP directions on how to apply a FREE background. OK so I would go to the dashboard and follow the steps and end up with 2 hours wasted and NO FREE background!! Long story short when it would say go to Layout my blog on said Template. So it tells you to customize your design, blah blah blah and then there would be a button to click on that would customize your blog yadayadayada well it never showed up until TODAY! SO then, I thought I was home free! NOt quite, but after a little patience and a lot of trial and error- I finally figured out that I had to add the gadget/gidget whatever to add the Html/javascript to see the screen that said content....and VAVOOM!! It worked!! THis has been such a pain in my bootae but it is done!! WOOHOOO. Now this is temporary until I find the one I really love!! If you are having any trouble with this too...YOu are NOT incompetent!! Message me and I will walk you through it!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I know.... enough Already!!

I sware...seriously, that this is the LAST time I will change the blog name. I am a bit indecisive on occasion but this is ridiculous I know. I guess I feel the need to once again defend my finicky state of mind and justify the new name..... Beau read the blog yesterday. So I guess all along he has know one existed but he hasn't paid much attention to my blogging...that is until yesterday. I am not really sure exactly how this happened but all I know is that it caught us both off gaurd. Him, by realizing that I have been a pretty dedicated blogger. And me because, well he laughed at the name and when he realized he hurt my sensitive little feelings he tried to play it off like it was the cutest thing he had ever seen. Then this entire process made me really think about it and I felt like it was definitely in the market for a new was cheesy!!! So, I think this might be better. Hopefully. Ok so if I could only figure out the following: 1. How do I show the blogs I follow on my front screen. 2. How do I apply the really cute background stuff from Cutest Blog on the Block??? 3. How do I make my pictures look bigger and have a cute boarder around them?? I suck at this format situation. I need a blogger friend to help me... walk me through it step by step etc. That pretty much sums it up for this morning.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Rainy Days

So this morning Beau and I were going to be driving to work separately, typically I fall out of bed around 5:45 and start off the morning getting ready for work, B usually rolls out around ten after 6 and we leave our house no later than 6:30 to go by our favorite little gas station pay $1.50 for 2 larges coffees and listen to our favorites (Jay, Al and Tony on THe Opening Drive) on the trek into Birmingham. But today was different. B had something certified at the post office that he needed and since they don't open until 8 I volunteered to drive in a little late so that I could retrieve this mail for him.
My morning started out awesome! B woke me around 6:30 (yep I got to sleep in!) to tell me he was leaving. So since I am an early riser and I was feeling wide-eyed and bushy tailed after my extra 45 min. of sleep I stumbled my way to our den. First I stopped by the kitchen and fixed a pot of coffee to enjoy as I listen to the rain and watch a little of the local news.

I did this for about 20 minutes and I began feeling kind of bored. Mainly because there are a million things at my house that I would have liked to have done but I knew I really didn't have the time since I still had to go to work!! So I called my mom, chatted for a few minutes and then went back to watching my favorite morning show, GMA. And then all of the sudden......KABOOM!!! the house goes pitch black and shook!! I honestly thought someone had hit my house, or something had crashed into it! And then the lights start coming back on but I notice they are extremely I set out to do a little investigating.
So I go out of the front door to see...

I am not even going to lie... I was scared to death!! And to top it off I could not get in touch with B so I was even more terrified! So I go out in the pouring rain to my precious neighbor Mr.Moore (he is in his late 70's and looks after us youngens!) I explained to Mr.Moore what happened and he assured me it would be fine. He also suggested that I go throughout the house and turn off the lights that have made their way back on. SO I did and I called Alabama Power and reported my situation. They put in a service call and so I waited... Actually, Chica and I both waited for the AL Power guy to get to our house. And waited, and waited, so I decided to take a few pictures of our front porch for those interested. And a few of what our little street looks like on a rainy day.

And a few more....

Then finally.....

What a relief! Mr.AL Power was very nice and not to mention, speedy! In approx. 45 minutes he had me up and running again. I stayed on the Front Porch for most of the time he was there mainly because I was curious as to how he would repair the line. I will be the first to admit that I was quite impressed. I also have an entirely new respect for the AL Power repairmen!! That has to incredibly dangerious!!

A few things to be thankful for:
* that I was home!! If not, we could have been facing a major problemo!! B and I have dinner plans in the Ham for 7 so we were not going to come home until after that which would have put us home around 10. With no power! And some major problems because apparently the neutralizing wire is what snapped that is why I still had some power but it would have most likely burnt all of our appliances, AC and not to mention ruined the fridge/freezer!
* that the limb did not fall on our cars or house!!
* that God has blessed me with such a wonderful group of neighbors, especially my Mr.Moore!! This is not the first pickle I have been in unfortunately!
* that the Lord TOTALLY had his hand in this and protected us and our home!!