Friday, June 19, 2009

I know it has been an eternity since my last post, but we have been swamped lately. I won't bore you with the details because that would be lengthy... I will say that I have one growing boy in my belly. At my 32 wk appt. we had the 4-d ultrasound. Fearing wasn't too excited about that. So he had his arm accross his sweet face the entire time. We did see parts of his face just never the whole thing at once. And he weighed in at 4 lbs 14 oz. The Dr. said he would gain between 1/2 lb to 1 pound per week from then on out. You do the math. I am going back to the Dr. on Wednesday where we will try the ultrasound out again. Hopefully he will humor us. But if not it is looking as if we won't be waiting as long as we had expected for his arrival. In the meantime, I have been doing a little shopping. I found the cutest booties EVER for my precious boy! I can't find them on the web- but I did find another pair I thought I would tease you with.
When Beau and I first started dating he talked about his Nanny and her family all of the time. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Nanny, but unfortunately she passed away after we had been dating about 3 months. There were so many family members from Nags Head, NC that came into town for her funeral... The Fearings. They were the sweetest people and you could tell they were so special to Beau and the rest of the Eady family. So I loved (and still love) hearing stories about Nags Head and the "Cottage" (which belonged to Nanny & her siblings). One of the stories Beau always told was about being kin to "Black Beard" the famous pirate. (Turns out this wasn't exactly true...although I know B and I know he will butter Fearing up really well with this story!) SO needless to say, when we decided to have a baby and more than that when we found out it was a boy...we knew his name would be Fearing and we knew that he had to have "pirate stuff"! Unfortunately, I was not cleared by the Dr. last week to go on our vacation/family reunion this week. So Beau is in Nags Head for the "Fearing Family Reunion" I wish SO bad I was there but there will be a trip with our Fearing in tow come this fall. And don't think he won't be wearing these precious little booties on the voyage!

I can't wait for Beau to get home to show him!! I really can't wait to see Fearing in these booties with the day gown his Nanny (my mom) is making him with the "Ahoy Matey" pirate teddy bear smocked on it!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


With the summer months finally in front of us, I have found there are several things that I can't live without!! One being a given... WATER! I have never been so thirsty and water is the ONLY thing that quenches it!! Other than that... I have several items that I would consider to be a 'staple' in my daily routine- and a few that are tucked in my bag for the weekends out on the boat.
I have found over the years that I try to block most sun from my face- this comes from a very bad personal experience that unfortunately my bestie Tiff witnessed first hand and can vouch...was a BAD thing!! I burned my face very bad when I was a freshman in college. SO bad that when it peeled I had scars that I thought would never go away!! Since then I do not step into the sun with out this product covering my face!!

I mean it is the good stuff. We like to keep it in the cooler and it goes on like a fluffy cream! I have also become best friends with a hat- I don't discriminate...any hat will do just fine as long as it is blocking the rays from my face! ** This is the only thing I have ever used that does not burn your eyes when you get in the water and it runs...It is A-Mazing!

I have also really come to love this for my lips.

I actually use it on a daily basis... It has a yummy creamsicle type taste to it. It doesn't give that sunscreen chapstick taste either ( you know what I mean!)

And since I am on the "Ocean Potion" I thought I would share one of my all time favorite summer staples:

And I recently picked this up to wear daily and so good. I really like the feel. Not greasy like some can be- it is very light and it smells good too!

AND I have had several people ask what I am lathering my buddha belly in daily to help prevent those pesky little strech marks...

This is it, Bath & Body works- spa works- "Lay it on Thick" it is a creamy moisturizing lotion that is extra thick for ultra dry or ultra stretching skin!! I LOVE IT!! Not to mention that it smells like Coconuts.... OMG take me to the beach daily!!