Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Totally Random Tuesday!

I am up to my eyeballs in projects today. I am putting some last minute touches on several gifts for a sweet friend who has a precious little girl arriving very soon! I am also planning on finishing several projects I have previously quit  taken a break from...for instance, a cute Johnny for my sweet Fearing. OR there is also the Casey that I had planned on finishing for our Disney Trip which I never started on I did not get much done on. OH well. So much for good intentions. SO with that being said I thought I would share what my morning's have been looking like lately.

 Fearing's Nanny and Poppy (my parents) got him a high chair for Christmas. This morning as he was sitting in it I started thinking how did I feed him without it! Well, the truth is I know how I did it and it was a total pain! But I am thankful we have it and he really seems to like it. He loves sitting up like a big boy and seeing everything. He likes to sit in his highchair and play with some of his toys too. Well, I should say he likes to hit them on the tray part and then they end up in the floor and I have to pick them all up...but that is ok.  I don't have a picture of this yet but he will close his eyes and start raising his arm up and down hitting his toys on the tray as hard as he can...oh boy am I in for it!! I truly believe he is ALL boy!

OK I'm ready!

Fearing's new little face he makes. Not sure where he got this, but Beau and I can't help but laugh!

I only wish I knew what he was thinking!

Our life in a nutshell right now could be summed up with "MINE, MINE, MINE"
Fearing is grabbing everything and anything he can get his hands on. On the way to Orlando a few weeks back my sister Sydney joked everytime she would hold something near him he would reach out and grab it and she would say "mine." Like the seagulls on Finding Nemo. It is really becoming a challenge- especially when I am feeding him and he grabs the burp cloth or anything else he can get his hands on and everything goes straight to his mouth!!  WHICH now I know why...he has snuck a tooth in on me! Sunday afternoon I felt of his bottom gum and he has a tooth that has broken the skin. I can't see the little pearly white yet but it is just a matter of time!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Do you soak?

With Fearing approaching 6 months faster than I can write this blog post I have been pondering how to keep all of his clothes, bibs and burp cloths looking 'fresh'. I am not a big fan stained burp cloths, or bibs for that matter. BUT it is hard to keep everything looking new. My mom has taught me the best trick. Pre-Soak. Everything. Apparently that is what 'diaper pails' were for. I don't know if you have looked for a diaper pail lately but they are few and far between. So, when you can't find the real deal...you improvise. Denise bought me a five gallon paint bucket from Home Depot. Yep, it is bright orange. BUT It works wonders! I have become accustomed to pre-soaking all of F's bibs, burp cloths, and clothes that he gets food on. It is kind of a pain to go the extra step but in the long run it really pays off. All you need is a bucket of cold water, some detergent (we use Ivory snow...I'm not a fan of 'baby fresh' scent, and Ivory snow is just a good clean scent) and just put stained garments in bucket for a couple of hours, then pour the entire bucket into washer. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coming up for air....

Our world has been a whirlwind over the past two months. Between Thanksgiving, Iron Bowl, Fearing's 4th then 5th ear infection, graduation, Christmas, baby showers, RSV,  and rounding it off with Disney World I feel like I am just now coming up for air! I am BEYOND behind...in everything it seems, but I have the best of intentions to 'catch' up sometime in the very near future.
Beside the list above...we have had some very exciting things happening in our family lately. Fearing is growing SO fast and he never ceases to amaze us how 'big' he is! At his four month appt.(and fourth ear infection!) Fearing was 16 lbs 8 oz and 26 1/2 inches long. He had conquered rice, oatmeal, english peas, carrots, applesauce, bananas, and apple,strawberry, banana combo (his favorite!). Fearing loves to jump! His aunt Megan and Andy gave him his 'jump and go' and he loves jumping in it. He loves it so much that when he is not in it and in our lap he still wants to JUMP! He is a really great sleeper, we had a rough couple of weeks when he was so sick there were many nights when our bed was the recliner but as soon as he started feeling better he went right back to his 'normal' sleeping. Which is nice for us too! Fearing is sitting up on his own for longer periods of time and I think it will just be a few more weeks until he can sit up as long as he wants by himself. Most of the time when I sit him in the floor he pulls himself forward over his feet out in front until he his in the crawling position. He gets up on his knees and rocks back and forth. Santa brought him a walker for Christmas and he quickly learned how to go backwards. Now he is pretty fast at getting accross the room backwards. You can tell he REALLY wants to come forward now but he is just not sure how to do it yet. 
Last night Fearing officially started the 'army man' belly crawling. Beau and I were amazed! I am afraid that it is just a matter of time until he is off. He is also really into arching his back and throwing his head backwards. Not sure why he is doing it..but can make it difficult to hold him!!
Disney World was such a fun short getaway for our entire family (my side) we really enjoyed getting to see all our Auburn friends. We went to support Aubie as he competed in the UCA National Mascot Championship. He got 2nd place and we were SOOO proud of him!! He actually won the skit portion of the competition and only lost by 7/10ths of a point!! After the competition we had a dinner with all of the students, parents, and "Aubie family" at one of the houses we were staying in. There were close to 80 people there and it was such a fun night. We learned some very interesting things about our little boy too... he is a people person, attention loving little ham! I would not be exagerating if I said probably 50 of the 80 held him that night. He will go to anyone and gives the biggest smile and jabber. Beau and I are SOO in for it. He is a mess. We are convinced he might be another 'Tyler' as he seems to have two speeds...wide open or passed out!
I will go back soon with Thanksgiving, Christmas and some other random events over the past 2 months and hope to include pictures too!