Friday, March 27, 2009

A little bit of this...a little bit of that...

I feel as if I have become increasingly worst at my blogging!! But, we have been super busy at work...which is a good thing! And also at home. We decided to put our little house on the market and we have been busting it ever since trying to get it 'ready' to put up for sale. Isn't that the worst part?!? By the time you get it 'ready' it is easy to lose focus on why you are trying to sell it in the first place!! With my current condition ( not really condition but being 5 1/2 months pregnant is something) I was censored on what I could actually help do to get the house ready. For example, I have some pretty mad trim painting skills- which I was forbidden to use! So I have I had to turn over many of the things I would have liked to have done to Beau, my parents, sisters, and my mom-in-law Martha. It was challenging and honestly I think Beau is SO happy that the sign is up in the yard and he is so glad I finally realized that the list was never-ending with a 70 year old house!! SO, I am content with all of our updating, painting, re-grouting etc and the sign is up!! SO....Now we wait. Hopefully our little cottage will be popular and sell quickly just because this waiting part is kind of hectic. Now, as far as where we are going to move say our little house sells....that is a different story. BUT, luckily we both have wonderful parents who have opened their homes to us as well as two lake houses to choose from if we haven't found a new place. We are staying positive and as my best friend tells me daily- this is how I work. If I didn't have a deadline with a million things going on...I would be lost! Its true. Although I may not feel the same way come June if we are still sitting on this house, looking for a new one and Fearing is coming within a month!! I hope we don't get in that situation, but we are trusting in the Lord to give us wisdom and guidance and we know it will ALL work out!!
In other news.... we have had some super busy weekends lately!! Last weekend was jammed packed full of family fun! My sisters were home for spring break and I had so much fun getting to see them and spend time with them. My little brother was home too, until he flew to New York City!!! Actually, since he is a friend of Aubie, he went with the Auburn University women's basketball team and cheerleaders to New Jersey for the tournament. He had a ball!! We even got to see him on tv!! So exciting!! He had a wonderful time just living the 'Auburn Experience' to the max!!! While I am talking about that... Both Tyler and Taylor received a scholarship through the School of Ag and will be going to Spain in May!!! Yep, it is true!! They are hilarious and just the thought of the two of them (along with 3 of their friends they are in their major with and a professor) touring the gardens of Southern Spain makes me laugh. They have the most unique relationship and are such wonderful kids- I am SO proud of them!! And not to leave Syd out- she too is living it up down in Auburn!! She is about to finished with her first year of college!! I can't believe it!!! She is so smart and is studying really hard and I know she will such an awesome builder one day! ( She is at Southern Union and will transfer to Auburn hopefully in the building science program!). Also last weekend my super talented mom organized a wonderful baby shower for my sisters best friend Meagan! Meagan is going to be a mom so soon!! She is not only a 'friend' turns out we are related. Her grandmother and our grandfather are first cousins...I thought I would share a little background of her so you can have a glimpse of why this was one special baby shower!!
When Meagan was 18 (just a few weeks out of high school graduation) she had ovarian cancer, she had been dating the same guy (Jacob) since 9th grade and they knew they would one day marry... so after such a scary, and heartwrenching experience, they decided they wanted to go ahead and get married. SO, they got married on April 12, 2008. My mom made Meagan the most beautiful wedding dress!! And it was such a fun time. So they knew going into marriage they would not wait long before they had children soooo.... guess what?!? Meagan found out early fall that she was indeed expecting their first baby, who we now know as Jakeley Faith!! She will be in about a month and we couldn't be more excited for her!!! It was a fun day where I got to see many old friends from church that I haven't seen in over a year!
Me and Taylor at Meagan's Tea

Think that was busy?? THis weekend will be busy and exciting too!!! I got an email this morning from our friends the Flurry's and it looks like their little boy Carter will be making his arrival within the next few days!!! I am so excited for Justin and Ashley and I know they will be awesome parents. I can't imagine how cute little Carter will be!! I know that when Beau and I get to meet him it will make us even more ready for Fearing to be here!!!

Best Friends at Auburn Fall 2008

Happy Birthday Keith!!!

And the most exciting part of my weekend....My best friend & my girl soul mate is coming to town!!!! Woohoo!!! Tiff and her husband Keith (who happens to be having a birthday Today!!) are coming to town for a wedding and not only are they coming to town, they are coming to our house!!! It has been way too long since we have actually seen each other in person... (we talk almost daily but don't get to see each other as often, boo!) It is going to be SO exciting. We haven't seen each other in person since I have been pregnant. Although I finally folded and sent her a 'sneak peek' of the belly! I can't wait to see her... So all in all it is going to be an awesome weekend!!! I will update hopefully on Monday!

I thought I would leave a few pics for the wondering minds...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

correction- from previous post

Fearing is not almost one pound. He was weighing around 12 to 12 1/2 ounces so he has a few ounces to go! I guess he is around 3/4!!

Dr. Appt. Update

As promised I wanted to give a quick update on our doctor's appointment from this morning. We had the ultrasound and warned the nurse we thought we knew but wanted to double check- reassurance! So as soon she started the ultrasound...WOW... They were right! It is definitely a boy! There was no denying that- Beau and I both snickered obviously this little guy is not modest! So from now on we can refer to him by his name which is.....Fearing. It was Beau's grandmothers maiden name. Nanny was a very special lady who Beau adored! I am so thankful that I had the chance to meet her! Unfortunately, she passed away after we had been dating around 3 months, but I love to hear stories about her and I know she was an awesome person! Also as a side note, Beau and I are going to the "Fearing" family reunion in Nags Head in June and we are really excited to see family (many of which came down for our wedding!!)and tell them the exciting news about our little boy carrying on the family name!
Everything from the ultrasound went wonderful. We got to see a lot of the different parts: cerebellum, spine, kidneys, bladder, arms, PARTS, heart, and the LEGS! I know I am making a big deal about his legs but OMG they are long!! There is no denying he is Beau's son! All of his measurements looked good and he was actually measuring ahead of schedule. Technically I was 18 wks 6 days today but he was measuring around 20 wks and a few days and his femur was measuring close to 21 wks!!! I don't know how all of that works I am guessing I am just having a long legged little boy! Also, he weighs almost 1 lb! Exciting!! So when I had my doctor visit he said according to my ultrasound that my due date is registering about 9 days ahead of schedule...which just happens to be my mom's birthday!! He did not 'officially' change my due date but would not be suprised if Fearing is actually a July baby rather than August! (I am ok with this =) I guess that is all for right now. We got some really great pictures today. I hope you'll understand that we aren't going to put them up on the blog-(we are wanting to keep these kind of personal) But I will try to post some belly pictures soon. Yes, Tiff I have been taking them... at least for a few weeks anyway!! Thanks for all of your fun comments on the maternity clothes issue! Jeeze! Have a beautiful day!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring has Sprung...

And so has my waistline. No really, it has happened. That day my mom kept warning me about ( the one where you wake up and literally Nothing fits anymore...) I have a list a mile long from my week last week where I had a bad outfit day over and over again. BUT, that is ok. I was able to wear my pre-pregnant jeans and favorite gap pants until 18 I guess I'm doing ok. Luckily, I had bought one pair of maternity jeans that aren't that bad and are SO comfy after all. I am just paranoid about my shirt being long enough so the "stretchy waist part" doesn't show- it literally makes me feel like I am walking around naked when that part shows...don't ask why. It's weird I know.
So in light of my recent woes I thought I would share a glimpse into recent shopping trips...that turned into NOT so productive.

Incident # 1:
I woke last Wednesday and tried on my one pair of regular blue jeans that up until that day were my faithful fits! This particular morning they were feeling awfully snug, but I decided I would wear them anyway. I also really wanted to wear a cute long sleeve black shirt that Beau gave me for Christmas, I do not have a black maternity tank top so I thought, well I could just wear a regular black tank underneath no big deal. It was also still a little crisp out so I decided to wear my black clogs. Sounds decent...right? Fast forward one hour later- we are making our daily drive and I realize my pants are feeling quite tight. Like uncomfortable. BUT I thought I would just unbutton the top button and I would be fine. So fast forward 30 minutes. I am now at work and realizing that every move I make I have to tug at my tank and top to keep them down- this is a must considering my top button will NOT button... I begin feeling miserable and decide I would go purchase a black maternity tank top when I went to the post office. Good plan....
So all goes as planned. I go to the post office, stop by Target pick up a black maternity tank top out of the maternity section, and spot a super cute maternity dress they just happen to have in my size. I am in and out of there in 10 minutes top!
So I get back to my office, change tanks and all of the sudden feel as if I am being suffocated. This tank was longer, yes, but Tighter than the one I had on. HOW COULD THIS BE??? I knew I had 2 of these exact tank tops at home just a different color. OMG did I gain like 15 pds over night?? What is going on? In the meantime, I realize that my cute clogs make me feel like my pants are about 4 inches off of the ground. I have Floods. Pet Peeve!! I cannot ever remember being so self-conscious in all of my life. The only thing that kept coming to mind was "fat guy in a little coat" from Tommy Boy. I was miserable!! Then to top it off I had to go to a meeting on the way home. Embarrassing. OK so after feeling totally crappy about myself, we finally got home, I peeled the tank top off to reveal....some really mean person put a 'regular' tank top in the maternity tank top section!!! HOW CRUEL!! They obviously have never been pregnant or they would NOT have done that!! What a jerk! hahaha.... it is funny now but not so much at the time. By the top it off the cute dress that was "my size" is apparently NOT "my size" anymore. I could not even pull down over the the top half of my chest. SO that was just the icing on the cake. Oh well. Good news is I finally exchanged it today for the correct size and I tried it on before I left the store!

Round 2:
After my debacle on Wednesday... I decided that it would be a good idea for Beau and I to try to find me some more pants because one pair of jeans is not cutting it. I had heard that JCPenney carried maternity clothes. So there just happens to be a JCPenney on our way home so I thought we could give it a try who knows maybe they would have something that would fit me. So we go in, finally find the maternity section which consists of maybe 3 racks of clothes. We find some khakis and some other cute brown pants and I find what I thought would be my size yet again. Although in this case it was the smallest they had- they were not really sized based on regular sizes, rather they were small, med., large etc. So I grabbed a couple of pair and made it to the dressing room. I tried on the first pair only to be thoroughly disgusted... they were huge!! Not really that big in the stomach area but in the crotch (which I would not be lying if I said it was almost to my knees!) but in the hips, butt, etc. I leave the dressing room to find Beau to show him that is NOT how they should fit, obviously. In the meantime this sweet lady walks up to offer her advice which goes a little like this:

lady: "oh honey, you need a smaller pair"

me: "yeah, probably"

Beau:" they don't come any smaller"

lady:"well, honey you are going to get A LOT Bigger, I'm talking about A LOT bigger, I mean A LOT"

me: " well, I am not sure, ma'am I am half way through my pregnancy- I realize my actually belly well get bigger but as far as my thighs, butt, length of legs etc. I am just not so sure how big I will be getting"

lady: "well you know what you could do is cut a little whole in the waste and string a shoe string in there, you know just a white shoe string, and then just tie it in a bow to hold them up"

beau: "quietly exits area, calls my sisters and begins laughing hysterically"

me: "well thank you so much for your advice, I think I will keep looking, probably get my mom to make me some pants"

lady: " you should go over to the misses area or petites and get some pants with elastic in the waist."

me:" thanks again" ( thinking I am 25 not 75, I am NOT going to do that, thank goodness I work where it doesn't really matter what I wear so if I need to wear jeans everyday I can!)

We have had several other incidents but I will spare you the details... OH well. I have my mom working on some custom pants for me, and I know that is where I should have turned from the beginning!

In other news, I have a doctor's appt tomorrow morning which is my official ultrasound to reveal the baby's sex and check him all out, take measurements etc. I am really looking forward to seeing him again and getting a little video for our families to see toO!! I will update you on the verdict (well hopefully, the only verdict I will be announcing is that is still a boy! haha and that all his measurements are looking good!)