Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Super Cute!

Not a big fan of these in 'real life' but I do love this and wouldn't mind this little cutie perching on my porch!!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Remember This??

If you love Kate Hudson and you daily read "People" online then most likely you remember this particular pic of our favorite Goldie spawn. I love,love,love these gray boots that she so perfectly modeled. Unfortunately, I do not live nor do I have immediate access to Kate's movie star income....therefore once again I was shot down on the gray boots! That is until my beautiful middle sis comes out of the bedroom at my parents with these on........

WOO HOO!!!!!

As you can imagine my little heart lept for joy when she told me the good news that they were from our fav...TARGET!! or TARJAY as we like to say. So for a mere 34.95 you too can have these adorable boots. So they are not just like ol' Kate's but...I have tested them for 2 days now...and they are practical and super cute!!!

And if the shoe fits....buy it in every COLOR!!! (since I wear a 5 but pulled off a 5.5 in these beauties, I followed my own advice and ordered them online in dark brown too!!)



Friday, October 24, 2008

If I had a $100....

I would buy these.....

I am hoping to get them soon. They are Chaco...waterproof...really cute and I bet they would super comfortable and warm on this rainy cold day!!

I DID IT!!!!

After deciding I was totally incompetent to have a blog considering the trouble I have already gone through for thing!!! I finally did it!! My friend Erin kept telling me to go to this AWESOME website called "the cutest blog on the block" and I would and I found several backgrounds I LOVED!! the problem came in with the set up of my blog. I have been feeling so lousy about it! Mainly because if you go to the cbotb site it gives you STEP BY STEP BY STEP directions on how to apply a FREE background. OK so I would go to the dashboard and follow the steps and end up with 2 hours wasted and NO FREE background!! Long story short when it would say go to Layout my blog on said Template. So it tells you to customize your design, blah blah blah and then there would be a button to click on that would customize your blog yadayadayada well it never showed up until TODAY! SO then, I thought I was home free! NOt quite, but after a little patience and a lot of trial and error- I finally figured out that I had to add the gadget/gidget whatever to add the Html/javascript to see the screen that said content....and VAVOOM!! It worked!! THis has been such a pain in my bootae but it is done!! WOOHOOO. Now this is temporary until I find the one I really love!! If you are having any trouble with this too...YOu are NOT incompetent!! Message me and I will walk you through it!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I know.... enough Already!!

I sware...seriously, that this is the LAST time I will change the blog name. I am a bit indecisive on occasion but this is ridiculous I know. I guess I feel the need to once again defend my finicky state of mind and justify the new name..... Beau read the blog yesterday. So I guess all along he has know one existed but he hasn't paid much attention to my blogging...that is until yesterday. I am not really sure exactly how this happened but all I know is that it caught us both off gaurd. Him, by realizing that I have been a pretty dedicated blogger. And me because, well he laughed at the name and when he realized he hurt my sensitive little feelings he tried to play it off like it was the cutest thing he had ever seen. Then this entire process made me really think about it and I felt like it was definitely in the market for a new name...it was cheesy!!! So, I think this might be better. Hopefully. Ok so if I could only figure out the following: 1. How do I show the blogs I follow on my front screen. 2. How do I apply the really cute background stuff from Cutest Blog on the Block??? 3. How do I make my pictures look bigger and have a cute boarder around them?? I suck at this format situation. I need a blogger friend to help me... walk me through it step by step etc. That pretty much sums it up for this morning.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Rainy Days

So this morning Beau and I were going to be driving to work separately, typically I fall out of bed around 5:45 and start off the morning getting ready for work, B usually rolls out around ten after 6 and we leave our house no later than 6:30 to go by our favorite little gas station pay $1.50 for 2 larges coffees and listen to our favorites (Jay, Al and Tony on THe Opening Drive) on the trek into Birmingham. But today was different. B had something certified at the post office that he needed and since they don't open until 8 I volunteered to drive in a little late so that I could retrieve this mail for him.
My morning started out awesome! B woke me around 6:30 (yep I got to sleep in!) to tell me he was leaving. So since I am an early riser and I was feeling wide-eyed and bushy tailed after my extra 45 min. of sleep I stumbled my way to our den. First I stopped by the kitchen and fixed a pot of coffee to enjoy as I listen to the rain and watch a little of the local news.

I did this for about 20 minutes and I began feeling kind of bored. Mainly because there are a million things at my house that I would have liked to have done but I knew I really didn't have the time since I still had to go to work!! So I called my mom, chatted for a few minutes and then went back to watching my favorite morning show, GMA. And then all of the sudden......KABOOM!!! the house goes pitch black and shook!! I honestly thought someone had hit my house, or something had crashed into it! And then the lights start coming back on but I notice they are extremely dim...so I set out to do a little investigating.
So I go out of the front door to see...

I am not even going to lie... I was scared to death!! And to top it off I could not get in touch with B so I was even more terrified! So I go out in the pouring rain to my precious neighbor Mr.Moore (he is in his late 70's and looks after us youngens!) I explained to Mr.Moore what happened and he assured me it would be fine. He also suggested that I go throughout the house and turn off the lights that have made their way back on. SO I did and I called Alabama Power and reported my situation. They put in a service call and so I waited... Actually, Chica and I both waited for the AL Power guy to get to our house. And waited, and waited, so I decided to take a few pictures of our front porch for those interested. And a few of what our little street looks like on a rainy day.

And a few more....

Then finally.....

What a relief! Mr.AL Power was very nice and not to mention, speedy! In approx. 45 minutes he had me up and running again. I stayed on the Front Porch for most of the time he was there mainly because I was curious as to how he would repair the line. I will be the first to admit that I was quite impressed. I also have an entirely new respect for the AL Power repairmen!! That has to incredibly dangerious!!

A few things to be thankful for:
* that I was home!! If not, we could have been facing a major problemo!! B and I have dinner plans in the Ham for 7 so we were not going to come home until after that which would have put us home around 10. With no power! And some major problems because apparently the neutralizing wire is what snapped that is why I still had some power but it would have most likely burnt all of our appliances, AC and not to mention ruined the fridge/freezer!
* that the limb did not fall on our cars or house!!
* that God has blessed me with such a wonderful group of neighbors, especially my Mr.Moore!! This is not the first pickle I have been in unfortunately!
* that the Lord TOTALLY had his hand in this and protected us and our home!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

You did What?

Ok so before you laugh too hard.... I know this might seem a little out of character for muah, but I actually agreed and I had a wonderful time....

So this is how the story goes... we are just on our way home yesterday, stuck in traffic as usual, and I mention that it would be nice to start our brisk walk/jog back when we got home ( yes we did this twice... in June... and we just haven't gotten back around to it) so then Beau said yes that would be fun but you know what we could do.... is go hit a few tennis balls. Then I reminded him that we don't have any tennis rackets at our house... so we thought we would go by Wally world and pick up some cheap ones. Then I suggested we go to Academy and we could pick up a whiffle balls too ( OK I forgot to mention that we play whiffle ball a few times a week in our backyard... just us...it would be really fun if we had friends to play too, but we are out of luck right now considering we are the youngest couple on the street by 30 years, moot point) OK so we decided that would be a better idea considering wally world doesn't carry whiffle balls... yes we have already checked... then Beau suggested we play homerun derby on the tennis courts.... So we decided that would be really fun and we would go ahead and pick up our tennis rackets for another day. So I am not really sure how this happened but we ended up leaving Academy with two of these (mine is blue, b's is red) :

Yep, I got a bike. Actually, Beau and I both got new bikes. Hehehe. SO I am thinking you might be curious as to what in the world would make me of all people want a bike, seeing as I don't really do a lot of outdoor adventure seeking etc.Still not really sure how we got to this point, but we did manage to grap the whiffle balls and NO tennis paraphanella... which honestly did NOT hurt my feelings, seeing how I am married to a man whose family was once the Alabama Tennis Association Family of the YEAR!!! Just imagine me, hitting a ball with the racket. I tried this once and it resulted in our very first relationship fight several years back..... NOT FOR ME> Let me know what you think! Also in case you were wondering... we did manage to make a quick ride through town last night (approx. one mile) and needless to say I thought I was going to die!! But I am looking forward to our new adventures on our bikes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

House Update

Ok so this morning I was looking through my blog as I am still struggling to re-vamp the thing and I sure appreciate all the input on good websites for free design. Unfortunately I have tried several times to change the format of the site to get off of the HTML and each attempt has crashed and burned. Point in case: tried to add the free hit counter...it should not be this difficult. I think the pilot is just a little confused. ANYway, back to my original post, as I was looking through the previous posts I realized that I never gave the updated house photos a chance on the blog.... ummmm... sorry. So I thought I would post a few pics of what our little cottage looks like now, most of the time.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll

Is that not fun to say? Happy Fall Ya'll!?!?! For those who know me best... I am a summer girl to the very core. I absolutely love any and all things that involve summer... especially Southern summers. I am a beach girl who some how got mistakenly placed in the city.... I still haven't figured this one out. BUT, I will admit, lately I have really been excited about "FALL." Now realize that Alabama is not your typical Fall place, meaning it still feels like the dog daze long into the Automnal Equinox (September 22 for those curious stalkers). For instance, my sweet Beau and I decided that since we had the weekend off (Auburn played in Nashville, thank the Lord we didn't make that trip!) we would visit a farm about 25 minutes from our house and pick us up a few Pumpkins.
I must warn you our quaint little town looks as if the Automnal Equinox exploded in town square.(literally, each and every lamp post is adorned with corn stalks, a bale of hay and sometype of "fall" decor. And each and every business has some type of decor outside or in the store front... I will get a picture ASAP!) Because of this I have found myself yearning to be festive. And I will say once I got into the groove of telling myself that I like fall.... I am actually enjoying it!! I thought I would give you a little peep into our adventure to Old Baker Farm which is beautiful farm about 25 minutes from our little town.
Little did we know that it was going to be a several hour adventure which left nothing out....including the petting zoo,horseback riding(at the tune of $3 a pop), the tower of hay (the youngens were climbing this like it was no big deal!), a hayride to the pumpkin patch, a chance to pick cotton and not less than a hundred little ones running around!! THat is right, actually I am pretty convinced we were the ONLY two there without a little one in tow (but we had fun nevertheless!).

Beau and I would highly suggest this outing to those who are looking for something fun to do....unfortunately fun comes with a price tag. I will give you a break down for those wanting to put Old Baker Farm in your budget!!


Enjoy the photos. OH,... and since I was being festive I decided to make a couple of wreaths for our home. I am also posting these for all to see. THis was my first wreath making experience (by myself that is) and I have to say I am pretty pleased with the outcome. The wreath on the front door also has a beautiful fall bow adorning it... I will have to retake a picture soon!