Thursday, March 25, 2010

When Aunt Syd comes home....

She ALWAYS has a photo shoot with Fearing!

She is such a great aunt and when she comes home his little feet don't hit the ground! She scoops him up as soon as she gets here and he is mesmerized by her the entire weekend!! Fearing loves playing with her pretty hair, and he gives her the funniest smiles! EVER!! It makes my heart smile to know that my sisters(all of them!)  love my baby as much as they do.

Lately, we have LOVED skyping with them in Auburn too! It is really funny to see through their eyes how much Fearing changes from week to week. When he first started crawling I put the computer on the ground and accross the room from Fearing and he went tearing toward the computer as fast as he could... his audience on the other side of the screen cheered for him..and it was so much fun!!
We are REALLY looking forward to Easter because everyone will be home together for the first time since Christmas!! Even Uncle Tyler! This next week we are going to Auburn to stay with Aunt Cindy and Aunt Tater and we can't wait!! It is going to loads of fun packed out with LOTS of fun events!

Aunt Cindy teaching me how to play the drums with the old pots and pans and wooden spoons!

***By the way we REALLY miss Aunt Tater too! We can't wait to see you this weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This is last Thursday morning around 5:30 AM. We were Already at St. Vincents getting ready for Fearing to get tubes in his little ears. WOW was that an early morning. He woke up around 2:30 screaming so I picked him up and held him until 3:45 when I had to get up anyway. I got up got ready and then got Beau up since we had to be at the hospital at 5am for his surgery. I won't lie I was scared that they would have to put my baby to sleep...but Dr. Wag. made a good point, it was probably no more harmful than all of the  antibiotics he has already had to be on.
I was shocked Fearing was as happy as he seemed to be. We had to pick him up out of bed and take him to the hospital with NO food or drink...I'm not going to lie about that either. But he seemed to do great.
I don't know why I didn't think to take my camera! But lucky us Daddy has an AWESOME iphone that Mommy really wants takes pretty good pics! I could NOT resist my sweet baby in this tiny gown!

Of course we had to get a 'rear view' photo too.

The closer we got to 6:30 the more ancy someone Beau Fearing became.So we had to do lots of walking, singing and funny faces to keep his mind off the fact that he was probably hungry.

Wonder why Beau looks so tired?

This picture is quite grainy but he finally got extremely sleepy and stayed asleep when the nurse took him from me to go to the O.R.

They kept telling us it was a VERY quick procedure but I don't think either of us were expecting THAT quick!! Literally 20 minutes after they took him from us they called us into the meeting room for Dr. Waguespack to come and talk to us. As soon as we got in the little room I heard them waking Fearing up ( I could hear him crying from where we were) He explained to us how the surgery went and then just a few minutes later they let us go back into the recovery room (Beau and I were headed back there when they came to get us...we could hear him crying and we could not take it!) Once we got back there he was quite ticked off (which we were told to expect) mainly because he was HUNGRY!! All we could give him was juice until we got him home...which needless to say was an awful ride! BUT, once we got home and he got some food in his little belly he was perfect. He was SO happy all day and he actually took a 3 1/2 hour nap (the longest one he had in over 1 month!! thanks to those mean ole' ears!) and so far he seems to be doing great.