Friday, September 17, 2010

Catching Up..

 Our SUPER BUSY summer started way back in May! And honestly, I haven't caught up yet! One of the main events that happened in May was when Taylor and Tyler graduated from Auburn University!! We are so proud of them for working so hard and getting their work done! Here are just a few pictures of our trip down to the Friendliest Village.
Our Entire Family at the Ham Wilson Livestock Arena the morning of Graduation. They have an Ag Breakfast where they teach you to make omelets and make several presentations to Outstanding Students. This was a really fun time for all of us to celebrate Taylor and Tyler's Graduation Day!
The Graduates!

The Entire Family again after graduation. Boy was it hot outside!! Fearing slept through almost the ENTIRE ceremony! He was such a trooper! We finished graduation day off at the Todd's house eating one of our favorites...Ribeye Sandwiches-Courtesy of Mr. Phillip who makes an AWESOME ribeye sandwich. It was so bittersweet for us because Katy Beth was leaving Auburn for the real world and this was our last "Weldon-Todd" Family dinner at  Katy's place! (Fearing spent his first football season at Katy Beth's with Mrs. Beth and Mr. Phillip and then everyone would end up there for dinner after the ballgame. Those are some of our sweetest memories and we will treasure them forever!

We finished Graduation weekend off with an Auburn Baseball game on Sunday. It was a lot of fun despite that fact that it was 100 degrees outside!
We were So excited to get some pictures made with Our FAVORITE!! Aubie!

Fearing LOVED Aubie once again and we got a really cute picture of just the two of them!

We Love Aubie!

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