Monday, April 19, 2010

Fearing's First Easter

I am really behind on posting about Fearing's first Easter Sunday. It really could not have been ANY better! We had such a beautiful day with gorgeous spring weather. It was a day full to the brim! I worked really hard on Fearing's Easter outfit. I did my first "French Hand Sewn" project and I could not be any happier with the outcome. It was overwhelming and frustrating at times but it turned out just how I hoped it would.  Here are just a few pictures from our day.

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Kristin and Blake said...

The outfit turned out great! I know you must be proud of it! I remember when I made Maddox's christening gown it nearly killed me, but I was so glad I did it in the end. Fearing is a cutie! He is getting so big so fast! I hope his he's been feeling better since he got his tubes!