Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where I have been...

I know I have been MIA for months (yes, that is plural) now. I really have no good excuses except that I have one VERY busy little boy! Also, my mom, aunt, cousin and I have started our own business. And boy is that A LOT of work!! Yes, work is good but that means it leaves me very little time to do anything other than work and take care of my boys. A quick update on the gang, we are still holding down the fort with my sweet parents, but for a different reason now. We are in the process of working out all of the exciting details for an addition on our house. This has come after much thought and prayer from Beau and myself. We were so torn when it came to selling our little cottage in "tiny town" we LOVE our house. We didn't however love the drive to downtown. But, we feel like we are willing to take the good with the bad and we are REALLY excited about this new adventure for our little family.
In other news, Fearing is doing REALLY well. He has not had any problems with his ears since tubes! Praise the Lord! He did however have a run-in (a 7 day run-in) with the "fever virus" Bless your soul if you have ever had a bout with was horrible. That was over Memorial Day weekend which caused us to miss our sweet friends beach wedding! But luckily Fearing bounced back fairly quick from that!
Speaking of bouncing back... This is really why I have not blogged...I spend all day chasing this!! Fearing is WALKING!! He took his first 'real' steps a few days after his 10 month birthday (June 4). I caught a little bit of it on my iphone (love it, can't remember life before it!). We had a feeling he would be an early walker but I really don't think I was prepared for this! It is exciting, scary and sad all rolled up into one! (Sad because his little life is going by SO fast!). This was right around a month ago so as you can imagine he is much faster and stronger than in the video. I thought I would share for those who want to see. Hoping to be back with a whole bunch of pictures soon!

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AFlurry said...

YEA!!!!! I have missed you & your updates! The addition to the house sounds awesome...can't wait to see the final product. Fearing is getting so big SO fast! Love it!!!